Strategies for managing and migrating web content

How do you deal with old content? Can you save existing links? How do you prevent users from accidentally using content as a weapon damage site rendering? We've tackled all of this.

Safe Content Updates Through Testing

Your content is an asset - you already know this - but this also includes the rich web of links on and outside your site that bring people to your site and help lead them through your content. When your site goes through an update that involves updating your URLs, how do you make sure you're not left with broken links and bad search results? A brief introduction to pyresttest for smoketesting and testing URL mappings.

Taking Control of User-generated Content

Use the power of HTML5 and CSS3 to gain control of your user generated content.

Content migration: archival sites

A fallback strategy for migrating content on large and disorganized sites

Content migration: site links and SEO

Protecting valuable links for users and search engines is an important step in any site migration

Content migration: basic strategy

Replacing an established website necessities a good content migration plan

Designing websites with stock photos: Avoiding cookie cutter

Stockphotos can illustrate your point, or make you look exactly like your lazy competitor

Tags and categories, oh my! Content organization explained

The layman's guide to content taxonomies and folksonomies

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