Effective tips for building with Django

Learn how to build better Django sites that wow your customers and make your colleagues love working with your code.

Simplify Media File Management by Migrating to Django Filer

django-filer is a great tool for reusing uploaded content across Django sites. It's an easy choice for new projects, but what about existing projects? Painless steps for migrating existing image and file uploads to django-filer.

How to Control Content Rivers Using Featured Items, Django CMS, and PostgreSQL

Using Django CMS to select featured items from a content river in a way that's intuitive for both designers and editors.

One Database Model, Many Behaviors: A Practical Introduction to Django Proxy Models

While proxy models aren't the most critical feature in the Django framework, they do seem to get short shrift. Here's a look into how to use this feature to create new and clean interfaces to data without making changes to your database.

How to Add Complex Search Filters in a Django - Without Using a Search Engine

Most search requirements are pretty simple and can be satisfied without a search backend. Keeping the code clean and testable is easier with this manager based design pattern.

Stretching Haystack's ElasticSearch Backend: Customizing the Django Search Experience

Haystack makes integrating ElasticSearch into Django projects a breeze, but custom configuration takes a little bit more work.

Adding Basic Multi-Tennancy to Django Sites Using Subdomains

Put subdomains to work and build dynamic multi-tennant applications.

How to Serve Protected Content With Django (Without Bogging Down Your Application Server)

Using Nginx's X-Accel-Redirect you can apply permissions to files served directly by Nginx or combine Django and WordPress in the same URL paths.

Deploying Django Sites Using the 12-Factor Pattern: Flexibility, Portability, and Maintainability

Better environment configuration, inspired by Heroku, borrowed from Foreman.

How to Create Human Readable URLs in Django That Don't Break With Content Changes

Slugs and IDs for speedy pretty URLs, a la The Onion

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