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Do you remember Django Standalone Apps?

Howdy fellow Djangonaut!

A while back I announced I was working on a book called Django Standalone Apps, a dedicated fieldguide to writing, extracting, and managing reusable Django apps.

I wrote quite a bit of it and set up a Leanpub page which is where you entered your email address to keep in touch. Some of you even told you me you were willing and happy to pay for it - and to be honest, I’d be willing and happy to have you pay for it! But nobody gets nothing if the book isn’t finished and published…


So I decided to come back to it and just publish it.

I ripped the old source out of the Leanpub project and put it into a Gitbook project and started editing. Boy is there a lot of editing to do. I’ve got the chapters for Part 1 cleaned up and in what I’d call “at least publishable” form, and now I’m working on the very meaty chapters of Part 2.

Ah, right, you can access it here: http://www.django-standalone-apps.com/

Now, here’s the deal about emailing you again. I’ll email you to let you know when there’s a new series of chapters available because you provided your email address at one point for that purpose but otherwise you won’t be added to our regular, albeit superb, email newsletter.

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At any rate I hope you enjoy and I’d truly love to hear your feedback.

What’s one thing you think is missing?

What’s one thing you thought was explained well?

Look forward to hearing from you,

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