Better outcomes through better process

Process is like brakes on a race car. Drag the brakes and you'll never even finish, but without them you can't drive through the corners.

What's the Difference Between Requirements and Specifications?

It can feel productive to start specifying how a project will work from the very start, from workflows to designs. This is almost always a dangerous illusion and a reliable way of making an exact and flawed product.

An Introduction to Automated Visual QA: Continuous Cross-browser Screenshots

Building a collection of cross-browser screenshots with BrowserStack and CircleCI

Invoking Builds: Deployment and Project Task Patterns

Using Fabric and the new Invoke to simplify and codify both development and deployment patterns.

Table for two: designing multiple user accounts

Users and accounts needn't be confused. Let your customers work together by supporting multiple users per account.

Development Commandments for Collaboration

Rules for working together, staying sane, and shipping quality product.

An Illustrated Git-based Development Workflow

A sensible Git-based workflow for small teams and open source projects.

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