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We solve business problems with the right application of technology and design. This is our contribution back based on years of applied lessons with our clients.

Building Effective Applications with Django

Great Tests, Bad Tests, No Tests, Slow Tests

The four flavors of tests: great tests, bad tests, no tests, slow tests.

The Sources of Friction in Legacy Django Projects

Whether months or years after launch, it can become increasingly painful to make changes to any application, Django-based sites included. An overview of some of the causes and an introduction to the series.

Simplify Media File Management by Migrating to Django Filer

django-filer is a great tool for reusing uploaded content across Django sites. It's an easy choice for new projects, but what about existing projects? Painless steps for migrating existing image and file uploads to django-filer.

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Promoting Customer Success

Help yourself: customer facing documentation

A little knowledge can go a long way, and often suffices to empower customers to solve their own problems by giving them the knowledge they need.

Guiding new users with an onboarding process

User, or more accurately customer success, is not guaranteed just because your application has a great test suite or an amazing interface. Deliberately guiding them through steps to learn your application and establish familiarity helps improve user - and customer - success.

Creating a User Experience Worth Returning To

How to Maintain a Mobile Friendly Site (And Maintain Google Your Ranking)

Google will update their search indexing rubric on April 21, 2015 to better serve mobile-friendly results to mobile users. The lack of a mobile-friendly site after this update will result in lower search rankings for your website. Here's what you can do to be ready, keeping yourself and your users happy.

Seeing to the Unseen: Performance, Accessibility, & Security in User Experience Design

Performance, accessibility, and even security all effect the user experience. Each has a significant effect on the perception of your product, especially when bad planning turns into less-than-desirable results.

Let's Do This: An Introduction to User Experience Toolsets

User Experience (UX) design is anchored by its foundations in psychology and sociology, centering around the human experience. The application of UX, like its foundations, relies on observable theory and continual discussion, often coming down to a matter of informed opinion. These opinions range from its best practices right down to its tools.

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Development Process: Reducing Risk and Improving Delivery

What's the Difference Between Requirements and Specifications?

It can feel productive to start specifying how a project will work from the very start, from workflows to designs. This is almost always a dangerous illusion and a reliable way of making an exact and flawed product.

An Introduction to Automated Visual QA: Continuous Cross-browser Screenshots

Building a collection of cross-browser screenshots with BrowserStack and CircleCI

Invoking Builds: Deployment and Project Task Patterns

Using Fabric and the new Invoke to simplify and codify both development and deployment patterns.

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Managing Web Content to Work for You

Safe Content Updates Through Testing

Your content is an asset - you already know this - but this also includes the rich web of links on and outside your site that bring people to your site and help lead them through your content. When your site goes through an update that involves updating your URLs, how do you make sure you're not left with broken links and bad search results? A brief introduction to pyresttest for smoketesting and testing URL mappings.

Taking Control of User-generated Content

Use the power of HTML5 and CSS3 to gain control of your user generated content.

Content migration: archival sites

A fallback strategy for migrating content on large and disorganized sites

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Our own work

Meet Django Organizations

An account, a user, an identity, but not all at once. A Django app for providing multi-user accounts and the steady march to 1.0

Finding the Needle: Wellfire at DjangoCon 2013!

DjangoCon 2013 in Chicago was a great opportunity to meet other Django developers, to learn from them, and to share some of the lessons we've learned.

Easy Web Content Snippets with Django-Addendum

Easily edit arbitrary text snippets on a site without a full-fledged CMS or issuing another site release. Like a mini-CMS for every site.

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